About Us The SeaCapital Team

About Us

Our Vision

SeaCapital’s vision is to be the premier trusted advisory partner to the sustainable seafood value chain,
and the expert conduit between the investor community and the seafood industry.

It is our goal to create a positive circle of knowledge and our commitment to continually push conventional
boundaries to exceed expectations, honor transparency, and above all, build a trusted partnership. It is
through our core values that we commit to our clients’ success and a sustainable ecosystem.

Our Mission

SeaCapital acts as a knowledge powerhouse, providing high-caliber, hands-on strategic, operational
and financial advisory services to the seafood industry.

We’ve set our sights on becoming a global sustainable seafood powerhouse and delivering an unrivaled
portfolio of healthy and nutritious products. The concentrated nature of our portfolio is at the heart of our
dual strategy that will drive our success:

In addition to advising corporate clients in the seafood value chain, we provide investors with the
industry acumen, first row access, and unique investment opportunities that are essential in yielding
sustainable returns in the global seafood industry.

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